About Me

Hi! I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at Stanford University majoring in math and completing a coterminal master’s program in computer science. I will be a first-year computer science PhD student at Stanford University this fall, affiliated with the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (SAIL). I am excited by problems at the intersection of robot learning, reinforcement learning, and robustness. My research aims to develop scalable methods to build broadly intelligent robotic agents that require minimal human supervision. I will be supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship starting this fall.

I am fortunate to work with Prof. Chelsea Finn and mentor Suraj Nair. Before starting my PhD, I will be interning at Google Brain this summer with Pete Florence. I am originally from Boulder, Colorado, and outside of research, I enjoy spending time outdoors, playing tennis, card games, and learning to play the guitar.

Feel free to contact me at asc8 (at) stanford (dot) edu!